A Girl who was zero to music

I was fortunate enough to be born as the eldest daughter of my parents. My father was raised as the only son of a senior naval officer and my mom belonged to a traditionally orthodox family. As a reflection of professionalism in his father’s lifestyle, my father was nurtured as a perfect men who have proved in many disciplines. The most lovable thing about my family was, my dad is a musician. He was a blessed singer too. To add on his golden voice, both of my sisters were blessed with beautiful voice.

I was always being jealous on my sisters’ excellence in singing. All the evenings of our home were filled with music and love .When my father plays keyboard, they both add colors with beautiful voice. I started developing a kind of backwardness in life. In addition to the appreciation given to my sisters, people started commenting on my bad luck of not being inherited with such a blessing. All of the family occasions made me sadder, as I don’t have anything to do with them.

After few years, we moved to UAE. At that time my father was working as a music teacher in Dubai. Still the same ego was growing in my mind. Whenever I tried to sing aloud I got teased by my sisters, I felt very disappointed.
To my happiness, Dad asked me, why you don’t learn instruments. With musical instruments, you can communicate beautifully, even though you don’t sing. Wow!! That’s quite interesting. The urge to be a musician waked up in me. I started my first lessons with my father. I believed that his expertise will make me the best musician in the world within few days. Oh…I was wrong. There is no short cut to success. I became quite impatient as, I could not play even few notes in a day.

My dad, who was my powerhouse, briefed sadly that you can’t perfect in keyboard with this attitude. You have to go long time. Hooo…that was quite shocking for me. I was stressed out again. Again Dad found a remedy, Send me to any musical class in UAE. Yeah…he decided to make me happy. I told him to get an admission in any of the music school in UAE. But he suggested me to attend some musical instrument classes as a weekend class or sessions.
Learning a musical instrument in UAE can be fun and entertaining, but perfecting your instrument will need an expert hand. However by living in a land which has opportunities for everything, getting a musical class in UAE was not tough for me. My father was a member of many music clubs in UAE. He took opinion from many other musicians to finalize on which instrument I should learn. There were many best music centers in UAE which will give you proper access to the world of music.

I had a lot of options in front of me. Tabla, drum, guitar, violin classes were conducted by many musical institutions in UAE. Even though I wished to learn guitar my father’s words made me to fix on drum. I started learning drums under a famous drummer in UAE. After few months, I was quite happy to announce myself as a mini drummer. As my dream, being a drummer my school and college life became very colorful. Slowly playing drum developed as a hobby in me.

If anyone ask me, what is the best thing you can do to have deep relaxation? I will definitely say Music. It will lead yourself into a world of unconditional relief. Listening music or playing musical instruments are one of the best stress relieving activity. No matter at what age you are. Musical instrument classes for adults are available in UAE. Imagine a world, where you can find yourself relaxing according to the mood swings. Attending a concert or a live music in UAE is the most opted holiday activity. Live music restaurants in UAE is the best place to dine in. I have witnessed that live instrumental music glorifying various cultural programs held across UAE. Why???? Because music is a wonder medicine that can heal everything. In spite of my busy schedules too, I find time for myself. To melt my sorrows and happiness in a unique way of creativity, so that I will find myself in a world of peace and joy.

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