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  • Sessions: 12
  • Facilities: Car Parking, Fitness Group Classes, Sauna, Locker, Towel and WIFI
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Kyokushin karate is a kind of standup karate which is focused towards self-improvement, discipline and hard work. This is the modern and rigorous form of stand fighting karate. This kyokushin karate training class for kids provide different scheduled classes for beginners and advanced level learners.

Vigorous training on this karate for 3 years will award you a black belt in part to the recognition. Kyokushin karate training classes for kids will sharpen and mold the aggressive and hyper active kids with much more discipline and obedience.

Additional Information:

  • Sessions: 12
  • Facilities: Car Parking, Fitness Group Classes, Sauna, Locker, Towel and WIFI

Kids will be trained sequentially in this kyokushin karate training class by professional instructors.

  • Basic kicks and punches
  • Block practice and foot work
  • Special moves and techniques
  • Balancing the fluidity and the acquired skills for full fledge moves


Benefits of Kyokushin karate in Kids

  • Self-defense: This skills will create an awareness and alert to the kids to react with any unfortunate incidents to himself or near ones.
  • Self – confidence: Owning martial art skills will impart enough confidence to our kids, which will help them to build future.
  • Sports event: Karate is a sport event where the movements to protest with opponent is judged. This is a peculiar event which will give name and fame to kids.
  • Self – esteem: Karate boost the self – esteem of kids, which may help them to achieve their goals by believing in themselves.
  • Discipline: This martial art always train the kids to be disciplined in all the ways. emotional challenges are no more a haunting evil for our kids.
  • Weight control: Karate involves frequent body movements which will burn calories.
  • Athletic development: Training on karate is a whole body workout which will frame a complete fit body, which will help them with competitive advantage.
  • Mental Health: Karate helps to reduce stress and anxiety on kids.
  • Physical fitness: Karate strengthens the muscles, coordinate the balance and improves cardio vascular health.



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