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  • Duration: 1 – Hour
  • Riding: minimum 6 pax for this activity
  • Day & Timing: Flexible
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Riding on a beach gives immense pleasure. How about riding like a king on a horse??

This exciting activity will impart high level of grace and elegance, where crossing the fast wind is like you will never earn this experience again. The most exciting open ride in beach will be a mind warming treat to cherish yourself without boundaries. It is also enjoyable sport and hobby for adults and kids.

Additional Information:

  • Duration: 1 – Hour
  • Riding: minimum 6 pax for this activity
  • Day & Timing: Flexible


Beach horse riding is a Horse riding service provider in Dubai. This is an eminent service were you will ride on the horse with a stunning natural background. How could you place yourself with the cool sea breeze on your face and an enchanting beauty for the ride?

Get ready…explore the shores with the rhythmic moves of the horse. There is nothing in the world, which can replace a well-spent time. Horse riding Dubai will take you to the next level of enjoyment where the dazzling mood of sea, followed by the sunset or evening mist, is really a worthy attempt.

Enjoying a horse riding in Dubai with our classy service will hand over some precious moments. Our hospitality will extend a smooth horse riding in Dubai. Your freedom and the high pace movement of horse couples to widen your this fantastic experience.


Why a Beach Horse ride?

Riding on beach not only gives pleasure but also many health benefits.

  • Riding in the set of a beach is a change from the typical closed environment and thereby this will enhance the fresh feel throughout.
  • It will enhance fitness and health
  • Imparts immense pleasure
  • Moving along sea shore on a horse is really an astonishing experience.
  • Unique leisure time activity
  • Improves your flexibility
  • You will learn coordination skills



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