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  • Duration: 1 – Hour
  • Day &Timing: Flexible
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Are you enthusiastic for a wild run on horse??

We deliver sunrise and sunset horse riding in the set of Dubai desserts. A best option to utilize your time for an amazing experience. You will be cherished and relieved out of all stress and negative emotions. Enjoying the beauty of Arabian desserts with a horse ride is quite interesting than any other fun time activity.

Horse riding is a best sport activity which benefits on your physical and mental fitness. Dealing with an animal like horse will improve your core strength, postures, muscle tone, coordination and mental stability. Riding horse on a desert is a stunning activity to showcase your energy level.


Additional Information:

  • Duration: 1 – Hour
  • Day &Timing: Flexible


Horse riding courses will help you in enjoying the wild nature of sand dunes in Dubai. Professional riders will give insight on the various riding features. This horse riding courses will make you comfortable with the horse too. It will always enjoyable if you are physically and mentally prepared to perform anything. One who attended horse riding course can easily move on with a dessert horse riding without fear or hesitation. It is also well placed to encourage physical activity for women of all ages.

The unique journey to explore the wild beauty of dessert will be a worthy attempt. The graceful and elegant move on the horse will showcase your thirst to adventure and love to the ride. We provide healthy and fit horses who were trained in real time situations. We ensure your safety professionally, with each of your ride.


Benefits of Horse Riding:

  • It helps you maintain overall good muscle tone
  • Increases cardiovascular capacity
  • Fitness workout
  • Teaches patience
  • Self-control
  • Discipline
  • Relief stress
  • Stable strength
  • Improve your flexibility
  • Burn calories
  • Coordination
  • Posture
  • Mental wellness
  • Core strength



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