PART 1- Kickoff

PART 2 – Dr Happiness Value-Discovery Journey

PART 3- Dr Posture, The Ultimate Team-Building Activities

PART 4- Dr Happiness: Stress and Resilience

PART 5-Dr Diet & Dr Movement

PART 6-Closing Fiesta

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A 4 Hour, Wellness, Team-building Experience Based on the Legendary Last 4 Doctors That Brings Your Team on a Compelling and Unique Mind-Body and team Transformation.

PART 1- Kickoff

This is where we introduce the program and more importantly convey the message:
– The opportunity to start seeing life differently.
– The potential to improve your Health, Energy, Mindset and Community.

PART 2 – Dr Happiness Value-Discovery Journey
20 minutes

Everyone is briefed on what they will expect, we use this to build everyone’s anticipation for what they will experience.
Then everyone has from a selection of 50 values select their top 5 and organize them in priority.
This is done in full view of their team-mates and is enlightening to say the least.
When you know someone’s values, you know what drives them.
This puts them in a better place to communicate effectively to their team and themselves.
Once you truly get to know your team’s values your working relationship will no longer be one dimensional, in fact it will be filled with context and emotion.

Dr Posture, The Ultimate Team-Building Activities
45 Minutes

Main Objectives of this class are:
1. Is to bring yoru team together through moveemnt, team cooperation and pain relief.
2. To create the moment of discovery where your team eye’s light up when they realise how amazing the activitites they just completed are for their body and their future.

What We Cover
– 4 activities the whole team do together that build a cohesive whole while also teaching your team incredibly valuable ways to live a life free from pain and tension
– Why posture can cause hormonal stress
– How poor posture causes a nervous system imbalance

Dr Happiness: Stress and Resilience
1 hour

Main Objectives:
Designed to give your team a 180-degree shift on how they view, feel about and experience stress.

50% activity & 50% inspiring education

The towering effect nutrition and lifestyle has on a person’s ability to experience high stress and feel sharpened afterward, we walk your team through these very important concepts.

Activities Experienced:
§ Abdominal breathing, how to balance your nervous system in as little as 2 minutes anywhere, anytime even when you’re working on an important project
§ How to use our office stretch routine to calm the mind, body and relieve stress and tension.
§ Meditative walking, using this activity based meditation to recover from stress and to build great health, great for people who have an overactive mind because it involves meditation while doing something.
§ Alternate nostril breathing, a great way to balance the logical brain and the creative brain and to deal with the predominantly negative thoughts that are constantly going through people’s minds

Dr Diet & Dr Movement
1 hour

Towering Superhuman strategies to boost health, thrive in the face of stress and live the life others strive for.

The Details:
– Cholesterol and saturated fat as the ultimate energy creator and resilience tool
– Easily usable sugars, the cell protective, life protective, little known dietary ingredient
– The critical, looked over importance of the thyroid
– When not to exercise
– Work-in before…you work-out

Closing Fiesta
20 minutes

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