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  • Session: Weekly 2 classes, 8 classes in a month
  • Duration: 1-Month, 1hr/session
  • Day & Timing: Flexible
  • TRINITY preparatory classes
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Keyboard Classes

The greatest skill a person could ever possess is always Music!!

Get that magical fingers to create the soothing musical treat to your loved ones and audience!!

Fulfill your dream of playing keyboard professionally with us. We are the leading institution to offer Keyboard lessons for adults and kids in Dubai. Keyboard classes for the beginning level and advanced level are easily available from the professional keyboard players. This classes enhance the memory, reading and listening skills, management skills, concentration etc.


Search on Keyboard Classes Near Me, and find a professional keyboardist to move along with you in the journey to discover everything about keyboard classes.

Keyboard is the one and only musical instrument, which will help you to be a musician in all sense. Learning Keyboard will help you to learn other musical instruments easily.

Keyboard classes near me?

Learn with our expert Instructors

Keyboard lessons designed for beginners and advanced level aspirants will enable the learners to get into the field easily. Even though several types of keyboard lessons are available online, learning under direct supervision of expertise. Many people prefer for the customized keyboard lessons especially for choir performance or school programs.

We provide flexible sessions of keyboard classes to different age group of individuals who are in keen interest with this magical instrument.

What you will learn?

In the keyboard classes, you will get beginners to advanced classes. Based on the competency and skills possessed by the learners, our keyboard masters will plan and design individual keyboard lesson for students. Our beginner keyboard classes cover following topics and many more.

  • Introduction to keyboard
  • Components
  • Beats and rhythms
  • Notes and rhythms
  • Finger numbers
  • Different types of notes and styles
  • Customized lesson plans


Advantages of learning Keyboard

Keyboard is a versatile musical instrument that will make the performer haunted with deep emotions.

  • Induces physical and mental health
  • Improves counting and mathematical skills
  • Develops skills on musical language
  • Enhances reading comprehension
  • Encourages creativity
  • Develops time management skills
  • Develops Concentration, Discipline & Patience
  • Strengthens Hand Muscles & Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Improves Rhythm & Coordination
  • Boosts Self-Esteem
  • Improves cultural knowledge
  • Learning keyboard reduces stress & anxiety
  • Induces brain activity and Mental Ability

Additional information:

  • Session: Weekly 2 classes, 8 classes in a month
  • Duration: 1-Month, 1hr/session
  • Day & Timing: Flexible
  • TRINITY preparatory classes



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