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  • Age Group: 3 year and above
  • Sessions: 8, Two-session in a week
  • Duration: 1-Month
  • Day: Sunday, Tuesday
  • Timing: 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
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Hip Hop Dance Class For Kids

Hip hop dance lessons for kids build the perfect dancing skills on hip hop music. By completing this class, students will be molded to mini professionals among hip hop dancers. Our professional instructors will make the learners body and mind flexible and prepared to present graceful performances.

This is the most popular form of street dance. Hip hop dance was originated in United States as a part of hip hop culture. This dance is performed in front of the crowd in streets, which later developed into studio performance kind of dance with variety of styles.

Additional Information:

  • Age Group: 3 year and above
  • Sessions: 8, Two-session in a week
  • Duration: 1-Month
  • Day: Sunday, Tuesday
  • Timing: 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Characteristics of Hip hop dance

  • Usually a circular form of dance
  • Different styles including breaking, locking and popping
  • Usually known as street dance

Professional dancers are available to deliver hip hop dance lessons to anyone who is interested to discover this high energy dance form. We teach on various styles of hip hop dance lessons for kids as per the preferences by the learners.

Benefits of Dancing:

Dancing is not just an art with aesthetic movements, it is an interaction with a mass of audience. In order to fulfill the purpose variety of skills have to be acquired.

  • Physical benefits

Dance is the perfect tool to fitness. As the dancers are working on muscle coordination with respect to movements, a lot of health benefits including blood circulation. Weight management, increased muscular strength and aerobic fitness, healthy bones and better coordinated and flexible body.

  • Intellectual benefits

Dancing improves brain functions. Surveys and researches says that a perfect dance performance is the outcome of proper blending of cerebrum and cognitive thoughts. A professionally trained dancer has to work on his memory along with aerobic movements and balanced emotion to produce the best in front of audience.

  • Social and cultural benefits

Practicing in a professional environment, dance will enhance the social and cultural values. Interactive and communicative skills acquired during the mending stages of a dancer will contribute towards a better social being.

  • Emotional benefits

As dancers will be communicating with audience, the best training on dance skills will help them to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. A well maintained mental health is the best outcome here. As dancing always needs passion and dedication it reduces the stress and boost self-esteem and confidence of the performers.


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