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  • Session: 08
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  • In search of Bharatanatyam Classes Near Me?

    This is a classical dance platform to explore the traditional Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam from the professional dance instructors. Learn this Indian classical dance originated in Tamilnadu and enjoy the pleasure and privilege to showcase this exemplary and elegant dance form.

    Bharatanatyam is always popular for its thematic presentation and the kind of gracefulness possessed by the dancers. Dubai is a land of opportunities; we have set up various classical dance institutions around you. Find the Bharatanatyam classes near me and choose from the various results.

    Bharatanatyam is usually a performed art based on the religious musical scripts. These dance is popular for its adorned style and unique presentation. This dance form is usually presented as a religious art form in the earlier time, whereas now it is considered as a way to communicate religious stories and themes. It is said to be the cosmic dance of Lord Shiva, the Hindu God.

    Get your Bharatanatyam dance teacher in Dubai

    Professionally qualified dance instructors are available in our class to deliver the most graceful lessons. It will take months and years to become a professional Bharatanatyam dancer. We extend opportunity for beginners, intermediate and advanced level of classes under professional guidance.

    Bharatanatyam is popular for its thematic and elegant presentation which is characterized by the precision in movement. Beautiful appearance of the performer and attractive setting along with the elaborate formal gestures, postures and poses will extend a visual treat to the viewers.

    Different styles of Bharatanatyam

    Explore any Indian classical dance Bharatanatyam near me and learn on different styles of this traditional dance form!!

    There are three types of Bharatanatyam. This dance performance was said to be done in following types:

    • Melattur Bani
    • Pandanallur Bani
    • Vazhuvoor Bani

    Advantages of learning Bharatanatyam

    Find the Bharatanatyam classes near me and enroll!!

    • Entertainment

    Classical representation of various stories or histories, creates a visual treat to the audience. These are the perfectly packed entertainment for all classical dance lovers.

    • Physical benefits

    Dance is the perfect tool to fitness. As the classical dancers are working on muscle coordination with respect to movements, a lot of health benefits including blood circulation. Weight management, increased muscular strength and aerobic fitness, healthy bones and better coordinated and flexible body.

    • Intellectual benefits

    Dancing improves brain functions. Surveys and researches says that a perfect dance performance is the outcome of proper blending of cerebrum and cognitive thoughts. A professionally trained classical dancer has to work on his memory along with classical movements and balanced emotion to produce the best in front of audience.

    • Social and cultural benefits

    Practicing in a professional environment, Bharatanatyam will enhance the social and cultural values. Interactive and communicative skills acquired during the mending stages of a dancer will contribute towards a better social being.

    • Emotional benefits

    As classical dancers will be communicating a solid theme with audience, the best training on Bharatanatyam skills will help them to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. A well maintained mental health is the best outcome here. As dancing always needs passion and dedication it reduces the stress and boost self-esteem and confidence of the performers.


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