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  • Price: 2300 AED
  • Duration: 16 Hours
  • Timings: Flexible
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Additional information:

  • Price: 2300 AED
  • Duration: 16 Hours
  • Timings: Flexible

Course Overview

* In this course, you’ll get a thorough overview of general introduction of multimedia and graphics by computer and will use a workshop technique to produce a real example by the end of the course to conclude and cover all the course essential knowledge areas by a practical example.

* It will cover the theoretical knowledge and practical using the software: the interface, tools, features, and production flow for Adobe After Effect.

* The course is an ideal combination of instructor-led demonstration and hands-on practice to introduce you to Adobe After Effect software, a revolutionary 64-bit nonlinear video-editing application.

* You will learn powerful real-time video and audio editing tools that give you precise control over virtually every aspect of your production.

Pre Requisites:

Practical working knowledge of Mac OS X or Windows Basic knowledge of editing terminology is highly recommended.


Lesson 1: Fundamentals of Motion Graphics

         RGB Color Model

         Frame Size

         Resolution

         Pixel Aspect Ratio

         Alpha Channels

         Frame Rate

         Time Code

         Interpreting Footage

Lesson 2: Getting to Know the Workflow

         How After Effects Works

         Overview of panels

         Creating a project and importing footage

         Creating a composition and arranging layers

         Adding effects and modifying layer properties

         Animating the composition

         Previewing your work

         Optimizing performance in After Effects

         Customizing workspaces

         Controlling the brightness of the user interface

         Finding resources for using After Effects


Lesson 3: Creating a Basic Animation Using Effects and Presets

         Importing footage using Adobe Bridge

         Importing video clips

         Importing stills

         Importing a sequence of stills (interpreting)

         Importing multilayered photoshop and illustrator files

         Creating a new composition

         Applying effects to a layer

  • Changing parameters globally
  • Creating keyframes
  • Keyframe interpolation: auto, continuous, and bezier interpolation
  • Temporal and spatial Interpolation
  • Roving in time for spatial properties
  • Creating and applying an animation preset
  • Previewing your work

Lesson 4: Working With Masks

         About masks

         Creating a mask with the Pen tool

         Editing a mask

         Feathering the edges of a mask

         Replacing the content of the mask

         Mask interpolation

         Using masks from Illustrator and Photoshop

         Masks for spatial keyframes

Lesson 5: Animating Text

         About text layers

         Creating and formatting point text vs paragraph text

         Using a text animation preset

         Text on a path

         Animating imported Photoshop text

         Animating text using a path animation preset

         Using a text animators

         Adding properties

         Adding a range selector

         Using a text animator group

Lesson 6: Working with Shape Layers

         Adding a shape layer

         Creating custom shapes

         Creating stars

         Default properties of shape layers

  • Add properties
  • Creating Groups
  • Stack your shapes & properties
  • Using Brainstorm to experiment

Lesson 7: Other Effects

         Time remapping

         Motion sketch

         The smoother

         The wiggler

         Auto orient

         Splitting a layer

         Adjustment layers

         The effects and presets pane

Lesson 8: Distorting Objects with the Puppet Tools

         About the Puppet tools

         Adding Deform pins

         Defining areas of overlap

         Stiffening an area

         Animating pin positions

         Recording animatio

Lesson 9: Rendering and Output

         Creating templates for the Render Queue

         Exporting using the Render Queue

         Rendering movies with Adobe Media Encoder


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