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  • Duration: 1- month
  • Day & Timing: Tuesday 10:30 am – 11:30 am
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Sevillanas Dance Class

Move with upbeat grace by dancing one of Spain’s traditional dances, Sevillanas!

Sevillanas is a popular folk dance style danced at festive gatherings throughout Andalusia in Spain. Playful, gracious and lively movements with touches of flamenco characterize this popular and folkloric dance form.

Students will learn different choreographies including posture, hand, arm & foot movements, hand-clapping and rhythm. No special footwear or clothing are required. Both beginners and experienced dancers welcome to take this class.

Sevillanas dance classes are inviting attention of the learners who wish to explore on the traditional folk dance of sevilla. You will learn on the basic lessons and explore the opportunities of this unique form of village dance form.

Additional Information:

  • Duration: 1- month
  • Day & Timing: Tuesday 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Sevillana dance is a flamenco inspired dance class that are limited with music. The lyrics of this dance forms usually follow a theme of various topics relevant to the communal life. A group of people present this sevillana music and dancers perform accordingly. Usually this dance form is seen during fairs and festivals in sevilla and nearby regions.

Learn this colorful and exciting dance form with our sevillana dance classes. Rhythmic dance moves will fill the ultimate grace and happiness to the dancers as well as the viewers. This sevillanas dance classes is a wonderful platform to know this traditional dance and enjoy with festive mood. You will be able to perform wonderfully with our beautiful choreography on sevillana music.

What you will learn?

With this Sevillanas dance classes you will learn on:

  • Different styles of Sevillana like:
  • Sevillanas
  • Boleras
  • Corraleras
  • Biblicas
  • Rocieras
  • Different steps of sevillana

The sevillanas are performed to a set of carefully worked out steps of which there are at least nine different steps in each section and four sections in the overall dance. Our professional dance teachers will help you to expertise with the several steps involved in this dance form.

Benefits of learning Sevillana dance

Other than being specialized with this traditional folk dance, sevillana dance classes offers several benefits what a dance class does.

  • Physical benefits

Dance is the perfect tool to fitness. As the dancers are working on muscle coordination with respect to movements, a lot of health benefits including blood circulation. Weight management, increased muscular strength and aerobic fitness, healthy bones and better coordinated and flexible body.

  • Intellectual benefits

Dancing improves brain functions. Surveys and researches says that a perfect dance performance is the outcome of proper blending of cerebrum and cognitive thoughts.

  • Social and cultural benefits

Practicing in a professional environment, dance will enhance the social and cultural values.

  • Emotional benefits

As dancers will be communicating with audience, the best training on dance skills will help them to reduce stress, depression and anxiety.



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