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  • Session: 01
  • Duration: 4 – 5 Hours
  • Day & Timing: Flexible from 8 am – 5 pm, Friday-OFF
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  • Session: 01
  • Duration: 4 – 5 Hours
  • Day & Timing: Flexible from 8 am – 5 pm, Friday-OFF  
  • This safety training course is designed to provide in depth knowledge and understanding on dealing and working with hazardous chemical called hydrogen sulfide. With this course, participants are filled with complete awareness and clear insight on any incidents or unfortunate happenings that may arise with the hydrogen sulfide or its premises.

    Safety training course on hydrogen sulfide is given on theory, practical and demonstration classes. Professional safety trainers will deliver clear understandings on each topics that has to be covered and will equip all the participants with acceptable level of competence.

    What you will learn?

    The syllabus of our safety training course on hydrogen sulfide handling and working includes:

    • Introduction to hydrogen sulfide- Physical and chemical properties.
    • Kinds of actions to be taken in the event of an alarm
    • Detection of Hydrogen sulfide.
    • Use of detection equipment
    • Measurement and the WEL of H2S
    • Physiological effects of exposure to H2S
    • Emergency response actions
    • Training on handling respiratory equipment available including escape breathing apparatus, self-contained breathing apparatus and cascade system
    • Training on the use of suitable masks and tape.

    Who can join?

    This safety training course on hydrogen sulfide can be enrolled by:

    • Personnel working in hydrogen sulfide premises
    • Personnel who seeks any safety training course towards employment.
    • Personnel who is planning to visit or being part of any hydrogen sulfide plant or factory.

    Benefits of safety training course on hydrogen sulfide

    • Getting to learn about one pf the dangerous chemical in oil and chemical industry adds loads of confidence and courage to handle with this hazardous chemical.
    • The complete insight and knowledge gained in this course will help you to stay safe and to act instantly if there is an accidental release.
    • Training employees, who are adaptive to work in this poisonous gas environment will add to the asset of organization and they will promise the reduction in any incidents and also the immediate rescuing too.
    • This safety training on handling hydrogen sulfide will add more productive skills to employees with the surge in their knowledge and awareness on the hazardous effects of this chemical.


    Health and Safety Training at Workplace

    Health and Safety in The Workplace is the prime factor that boost the productivity and thereby the success of an establishment. Despite of being small or large, an organization willing to spread concern on the well being of the employees will earn more results. Industrial based organizations are more likely to show these concerns to their employees through various training sessions on health and safety in the work place.

    These programs are more evident in the industries where the employees are more exposed to harmful chemicals, fires, explosions etc. in various industries including mining and oil industries. Health and safety training at workplace is also important for other employees, who work on business or offices are also prone to various risks including short circuit or fire outbreak, food contamination physical and psychological stress etc.

    UAE labor law also requires you to provide whatever information, instruction, training and supervision as is necessary to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work place of your employees. It is mandate for companies to provide health and safety training at work place for their workers and to update their knowledge accordingly.

    Educating workers on the basics of occupational health and safety can help reduce workplace accidents and injuries, saving companies from costly legal battles with employees and lifelong support for their families. In addition, prioritizing the safety of your personnel can keep them from leaving the job because of work-related illness, keeping financial losses secondary to lack of skilled workers at a minimum.

    Health and safety training at workplace will deliver deep understanding of health and safety law, practices and other concerns through a professionally designed platform, customized as per the requirements. This course will give theoretical and practical explanation of every health issues that may arise within the organization. A broad know-how following topics will be delivered to participants.

    • Introduction to health and safety law
    • Workplace health issues and measures
    • Identifying workplace hazards and types
    • Managing with workplace hazards
      • Work equipment
      • Lifting equipment
      • Display screens
      • Manual handling
      • Fire
      • Chemicals (COSHH)
      • Personal protective equipment (PPE)


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