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  • Session: 01
  • Duration: 4 – 5 Hours
  • Day & Timing: Flexible from 8 am – 5 pm, Friday-OFF
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Forklift Safety Training

Forklift Training is designed to provide concepts and knowledge on safety related work practices that has to be followed in operating forklifts. Participants will learn on techniques and methodologies required to meet the safety of the employees when they are handling various industrial trucks and vehicles.

Forklift training will uplift the potential of a participant which is highly necessary during the operational activities with various forklifts. A certified forklift operator will be more proficient to handle the forklifts easily and safely.

A forklift is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials over short distances and they are the vital part of the modern-day industrial world.  As they are involved in the lifting of goods with its fork-like prongs, they have got the name forklifts. There are various kinds of forklifts in various industries, that are used to pursue various functions. Handling these kind of industrial trucks requires much care. As they are performing loading and unloading, the capacity of the forklift, its performance, drivers experience etc. are the factors that control the smoothness of the operation. Forklift training will help the employees to work confidently at the workplace where they could manage any unfortunate happenings around.

It is used at:

  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses
  • Recycling operations
  • Dockyards
  • Snow plows

Who can join this Forklift training?

Forklift training can be enrolled by anyone who wish to explore safety measures about forklift handling can join this course. Any individual who have taken forklift license also should attend this course, which in turn this certification will enhance employment opportunities.

What you will learn?

This forklift training course is handled by experts in the industry. Experienced forklift safety officers will demonstrate important lessons, such that each of the participants will acquire sufficient knowledge on safety measures and regulations that may require upon any unfortunate happenings or wrong with forklifts.

The course offers an introduction to different types of forklifts. Detailed lessons on engine and loading capacity, the different types of levers along with their controls, how to operate in different working areas and in various weather conditions, focus on how to reduce accidents and improve safety etc. will be given to participants. Students are taught in detail about safety control measures and how to respond with various emergencies that may happen any time.

Course highlights:

  • Safety regulations regarding forklift operations
  • Nature and types of hazards involved with forklifts
  • Familiarization with forklift injuries and management
  • Precautions during loading and unloading
  • Dangers or chances of accidents associated with forklift usage
  • Safety measures for employees as well as anyone who is present over there

Advantages of forklift training course

Being certified with forklift safety training course will help the participants to get more career opportunities in various industries. Forklift training will give expanded knowledge on safety regulations and measures that has to be followed while handling forklifts of various capacity, which in turn increases productivity

Additional information:

  • Session: 01
  • Duration: 4 – 5 Hours
  • Day & Timing: Flexible from 8 am – 5 pm, Friday-OFF


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