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Financial Wellness Programs

For your business to have a real and market dominating advantage you need team members that can perform to high levels.
Creative, hard working and resilient staff that can take a vision and put it into action.
The last thing you want is for them to be worried about their finances.
Statistics by the 2018 PWC Employee Financial Wellness Survey sate that the typically 54% of employees are stressed about their finances.

Leading companies in the Middle East are increasingly offering financial wellness programs for their employees.
The benefits and outcomes are MORE PROFIT and MORE ENGAGEMENT.

How We Can Help You
Dr $ and Dr Posture Wellness Experience: It is a mix of ergonomics and finances making finances Fun!

1-1 Financial Coaching: A personalised guide to mastering your finances

This is going to be like no other event your team have every experienced, its just not fair to call it a workshop.
That’s why we call it a wellness experience, your team are up moving having fun AND: learning.

This programme covers the following topics:

  • Why your future rests on your financial wellness
  • The miss-understood gap between earning more and saving
  • How to create meaningful savings in the UAE
  • How to set appropriate financial goals
  • Together we create a compelling financial future and master plan

The postural exercises we do together:

  • The teambuilding and super fun, full superman challenge
  • The importance of correct sitting and standing posture with group activity
  • Foam roller
  • Tennis ball massage – reducing pain and tension, anywhere anytime activity


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